8th of September 2019 DK fiction started the production of our third film with the working title Floss.

Vision: Another human being to lean on

Floss will revolve around the thesis that we do not really control our own lives. Instead, life often follows its own futile path. The remedy for this unpredictability seems to be to find another human being to lean on. All you need to do is confide and share a part of your life. But just like the smoke from a cigarette or the impact of alcohol, your story may seem futile. Even if it is real and remind other people about their own story.

Floss is not a pessimistic film – far from that. It wishes to explore and enhance what makes us human. That is why it focuses on relationships and friendship: The essentials of our lives which impacts and defines each of our extraordinary destinies.


The film Smoke from 1995, instructed by Wayne Wang and written by Paul Auster has been a source of inspiration to ”FLOSS”: A popular comedy coming right from the heart, set in a Brooklyn smoke shop, where people meet randomly, sometimes leading to great change in their lives. The film is based on a sentence which binds it all together:

“People say that you have to travel to see the world. Sometimes I think that if you stay in just one place, and keep your eyes open, you´re gonna see just about all that you can handle.”

We interpret that premise in the following way:
When people enter the FLOSS after having been away for a longer period of time, they usually say; – Not a damn thing happens in here – time is just standing still!… Then I say: If you come to FLOSS every day, if you are present in the moment, participating or not, or if you just keep your eyes and ears open, you will end up by discovering, that all you need, all you do not need and everything in between the two, is happening right here.

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All the best
Dariusz & Katrine
dk fiction