KATO – the story of the Merchant

Background and idea

By Dariusz Steiness

Ever since they were in Kindergarten, my children have come home, bringing inspirational ideas of how to take better care of our Planet. “To save the World” – in their own words. They came home filled up by inspiration from Kindergarten and – later on – the school. I myself became inspired by them and we used to joke around and play with made up characters. This is how the hero character KATO was born. KATO was supposed to save the World and fight all of the villains destroying it. Our villains would be the ones who polluted, dealt with weapons, produced and sold bad foods, destroyed our nature and so on. My children inspired me to write the story about KATO. They needed a hero to mirror, reflect and catalyze the values they received in Kindergarten and in school.

Contribute to the book and the film:

We are in the process of writing an illustrated children’s book which we will subsequently adapt to a screenplay. If you believe that this is an important story to tell, you can help us realize it by donating.

All the best
Dariusz & Katrine
dk fiction